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  • Has served the business and professional community as a paraprofessional for over 18 years specializing in estates, trusts, conservatorships and the handling of personal and financial affairs for the elderly.

  • Holds a Paralegal degree from Hartford College for Women and has studied at the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegals.

  • Creator and author of a regular column called "New Wrinkles" published in local weekly newspapers. This column covers current multi-generational issues.

  • Responsible for developing and teaching classes at the Police Training Schools in Connecticut on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation of the elderly, as well as understanding the problems of the aging population.

  • Designed corporate educational programs to benefit employees who are caregivers for elderly relatives as well as programs for financial institutions aimed at recognizing elderly abuse and exploitation.

  • Frequently requested to speak on a wide variety of subjects. American Society on Aging Annual Meetings and Global Conference of the International Federation on Aging are some examples of places she frequently lectures.

  • Appeared as a guest on the NBC-TV "Today Show" in an interview with Matt Lauer as part of a weeklong focus on eldercare issues, in which she addressed problems in the aging process, financial issues associated with aging and the importance of communication between adult children and their aging parents in advance of potential catastrophic events.

  • Currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for the Senior Job Bank and has been recently appointed as a Board Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers based in Maryland.
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