Life Care Consulting by Barbara Hance - Financial and Personal Management Service for the Elderly, Frail and the Busy
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Our clients come from all walks of life and although most of our clients are retirees, we provide services to clients that need support whether due to age, special needs or schedule overloads.

You can benefit by our financial and personal management services if:

  • You need to organize your finances.

  • You want the comfort of knowing that your financial affairs are being taken care of by a competent, experienced professional.

  • You wish to channel your time and energy to other more important areas.

  • You have recently lost a spouse and you find yourself confronted with new unfamiliar financial matters.

  • You are incapacitated.

  • You need someone to oversee the health care of a loved one.
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Purpose  Meet Barbara  Services  Family Consulting   Seminars  Links  Testimonials  Articles  Contact Us  Home
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