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Facing the problem of the aging of a loved one is difficult and it brings with it many areas of concern that must be dealt with in order to reduce the inherent risks of aging.

Few people have the resources or knowledge of how to deal with the issues at hand while still preserving the autonomy of the elderly person. It is even more difficult if there is a geographic barrier.

Often times family members do no agree as to what needs to be done, or how to achieve it. Each person has a different perspective of how to accomplish the task of instituting services. Past family problems may hamper judgments.

Stereotypical images of the elderly often make it difficult to be objective as to the real need for assistance or intervention. Caregivers, elders, physicians, and family should all operate as a team.

Organizing a family meeting and assessing the immediate and future needs of the elderly person is one of our services. Some of the areas covered are:
  1. Assessing the current situation, struggles and successes.

  2. How to help your elderly loved one and yourself as a caregiver.

  3. Financially what is feasible
    a. Reality vs. emotions
    b. Inventory of assets
    c. Budget

  4. Ways to manage stress among siblings
    a. Who can cope with certain issues

  5. Surrogate decision making
    a. Who should be in command

  6. Keeping focused on the best interest of the elder

  7. What happens when the money runs out
    a. Medicaid counseling

  8. Long-distance care giving

  9. Legal documents
    a. Where are they
    b. What needs to be updated
    c. What needs to be done

  10. Physical and mental issues of aging

  11. Identifying actions that need to be taken
    a. How to approach the elder
    b. Consideration of the elder’s feelings as well
    c. Re-adjusting the plan if necessary

  12. Medicare issues

Purpose  Meet Barbara  Services  Family Consulting   Seminars  Links  Testimonials  Articles  Contact Us  Home
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