Life Care Consulting by Barbara Hance - Financial and Personal Management Service for the Elderly, Frail and the Busy
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The broad range of financial services we provide are tailored to meet individual needs and will help you feel secure in the management of your affairs.

Develop a Financial Budget
  • Determine Current Cash Needs
  • Establish Record-keeping Systems for Financial Transactions
    • Deposit Checks
    • Pay Monthly Bills
    • Reconcile Checkbooks
    • Prepare Year-End Tax Data, Make Estimated Tax payments
    • Maintain Payroll Records and Prepare Payroll Tax Returns
Coordinate Financial Affairs
  • Liaison with Brokers, Accountants, Attorneys, Trust Officers
  • Review Reports from Brokers and Trustees
  • Manage Assets and Records
  • Process All Mail
  • Review and Update Insurance Coverage
  • Coordinate Services Necessary to Maintain a Home
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Purpose  Meet Barbara  Services  Family Consulting   Seminars  Links  Testimonials  Articles  Contact Us  Home
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