Life Care Consulting by Barbara Hance - Financial and Personal Management Service for the Elderly, Frail and the Busy
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When miles separate children from older parents...
When the intensity of family relationships impede reasonable communication or support...
When physical, emotional or mental limitations make independent living difficult...
Special Needs Arise.
  1. Coordinate home/health care needs for the client with physical, financial and/or emotional needs.
  2. Teach, whenever possible, basic financial skills (check writing, balance check book, budgets, etc.) Assist in setting up simple computer programs, if appropriate.
  3. Perform basic budgeting, bill paying reconciliation and record-keeping services, file medical insurance claims and appeals, as appropriate. Coordinate and submit tax documentation to accountant for quarterly and annual tax returns (State & Federal), make quarterly tax payments. Provide monthly financial and personal status reports to family, attorneys, accountants, financial managers and planners, as requested.
  4. Research and coordinate community based services to maintain or improve independent living.
  5. Assist the client with personal needs such as clothes shopping, grocery shopping, etc. Coordinate meal delivery or preparation.
  6. Hire, fire and coordinate in-home and home-care services such as housekeepers, aides, companions, live-ins, shoppers and drivers. Contract for independent home service contractors.
  7. Serve as Conservator of the Estate and/or Person when needed.
  8. Serve as an advocate and/or mediator.
  9. Serve as surrogate decision maker when needed.
  10. Process medical claims and appeals.
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Purpose  Meet Barbara  Services  Family Consulting   Seminars  Links  Testimonials  Articles  Contact Us  Home
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