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Excerpts from letters received:

" seek to fill everyone's miracles all year, to your detriment sometimes. You speak to my soul, opening up a share my sorrow and pain as though we were both fellow passengers on this final journey..." – Joyce

"...I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Barbara..." – Marian

"...I feel that Barbara is well qualified to handle the needs of my clients and she proved to be the most flexible in a number of instances..." — Suzanne

"...Barbara continues to meet the particular client's many diversified requirements in a most competent and efficient manner..." — Roger

" family and I spoke numerous times of how comfortable we were in your involvement in their affairs and the insightful ways in which you dealt with their idiosyncrasies..." – Jay

"...I have referred a number of clients to Barbara for assistance with Title XIX applications. She is very knowledgeable in this highly technical area...accomplishes goals in a very short period of time, with energy and enthusiasm, and often within the context of a very limited budget..." — Janet

"...Barbara coordinated all those involved, defined the issues and successfully completed a Title XIX appeal with great results...she has also worked with me diligently to the point where I am able to handle my financial affairs with confidence..." – Peg

"...Although she is a professional, she is a professional with a heart..." — Margaret

"...your presentation was organized, informative and your introduction was insightful and moving..." — Leann

Purpose  Meet Barbara  Services  Family Consulting   Seminars  Links  Testimonials  Articles  Contact Us  Home
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